We are very excited to start our 2021 school year!

Our academic year began on January 18th, and all of our students are receiving virtual classes — most of them from our residences and some from their homes. We have made sure all students have an electronic device, such as a Laptop or a Tablet, as well as an internet connection.


Return of Residential scholars

The pandemic forced us to offer remote program to all students since March 2020. On January 4th, 24 residential scholars (boys and girls), who had remained in their c

ommunities during 2020 due to the pandemic, returned to EJ. With them, we achieved to have all 80 regular residential scholars (47 girls and 33 boys) in our residences, housed in the

8 residences of the program. As students return to our residences, challenges are reduced and we are able to guarantee better care (academic, health, nutrition, psychological, emotional, etc.) for our students.

Temporary Housing

Given the advantages of having students at our residences, our Board of Directors suggested we take in all students (residential and day students) in our residential program temporarily, for 6 months.

Some would join our current residences, others would be housed in the two school campuses (Elementary and Secondary), currently disabled for school. Corporación AICSA generously supported us in the refurbishment of the campuses. In December 2020, the families of the 66 school students were asked if they would agree to have their children participate in our residential program, temporarily. The response was positive for 45 students.

In January, the 37 day students joined our residential program. The 22 girls were admitted on January 11, and the 15 boys were admitted on January 18. The girls were housed at the Elementary campus and the boys at the Secondary campus. All required protocols were taken. Upon admission, the girls and their parents signed an agreement. After having their temperature taken and disinfected, the girls were taken to their room to begin a 7-day quarantine. Four students were assigned to each room.

During the quarantine, the children were given books and board games to entertain themselves. They were also instructed on the process of routines and the schedules of the different activities that were programmed for them. Every day in the morning, their temperature was taken to evaluate if they showed any symptoms and the aunts in charge wrote down the records on a control sheet.


Residential students

This year 117 we have students in our residential program, the highest number in the program’s history:

– 80 regular residential scholars

– 37 day-students (temporary residents)

4 additional residential counselors were hired for 6 months.


The Elementary School building was assigned to house the girls. There, 6 classrooms had to be adapted as bedrooms, and three showers and two toilets had to be installed. The Secondary School was assigned to accommodate the boys. Four classrooms were adapted as bedrooms, and three showers and one toilet were installed. The refurbishment was made possible thanks to the support of AICSA, who started the remodeling work in December and completed it before the children arrived.


Our university program has been gradually growing. This year, we have 47 collegians studying the majors of their choice in different universities in the country. 21 are first year collegians. Most of them (30) are living in their homes and 17 in our residential program.


On February 20th, Esperanza Juvenil celebrated its 30th anniversary! This great achievement is a reflection of the effort, commitment, and trust of all of our donors, directors, and staff. It is also a sign of the dedication and perseverance of our students and the trust that the family grants us.

We invite you to join us on this journey through time, as we share throughout the year memories of our history, so that together we can celebrate 30 years of serving children and youth who are motivated to succeed through quality education. You will also receive invitations to some virtual events we are planning to commemorate this milestone!