COVID-19  Program Update

Our educational program continues remotely and we are excited to share some great news!

This year we have increased the number of school students temporarily living in our residences to more than 75% of our population.  With continuing government mandates for remote learning, our board and team made a decision to invite our non-residential scholars, referred to as our “day students,” to join our residential program. This has significantly helped our team’s ability to monitor their academic performance and overall wellbeing. In total we currently have 111 students (92 school students and 19 university students) living in our residences.

Esperanza Juvenil adapted the spaces in its facilities and ensured online connectivity in all the residences.  At each of our residences (eight permanent and two temporary), we have a strong internet connection, where students can access their virtual classes. At the same time, Esperanza Juvenil benefited from Boys Hope Girls Hope Network’s large donation of DELL and HP laptops in January, as well as a donation from CISCO in April to strengthen the capacity and security of our networks.

The result is a technologically strengthened program, and a very committed group of scholars and staff, adapting very well to improvements!

The academic staff is actively innovating the way they teach subjects so that students can achieve their maximum learning potential. We have generated strategic alliances with different organizations and educational institutions (such as Del Valle University, Intecap, Glasswing, Habil Mind, Empresarios Juveniles, Telus and others) who have supported us in strengthening the academic skills and holistic development of our students, and providing staff training.

University News

 Reaching college is extremely important for our scholars. They eagerly anticipate independent living and are faced with new and exciting challenges. Our University program seeks to continuously support and guide senior high school scholars and collegians on all aspects of college prep and persistence.

This year, there are 47 students are in college and 15 collegians are about to graduate in October! We are very proud of their performance and want to share with you some of their accomplishments:

Denilson Suchite


Originally from Guatemala City, Denilson is in his first year at Rafael Landivar University, majoring in political science. He is a very active and responsible young man. Denilson has distinguished himself with excellent grades, finishing the first semester with a grade point average of 96 (4.0 GPA).




Ericka Barrios


Ericka is finishing the first semester of her psychology major at Rafael Landívar University, finishing with a grade point average of 90 (GPA 3.7). She is an amazing young woman who at a young age has had to overcome great challenges in life. This has not stopped her from maintaining a positive attitude, which has allowed her to continue fulfilling her dreams.


We congratulate all our collegians and encourage them to keep going!

ALL IN – (Act, Lead, Learn)

Boys Hope Girls Hope Network hosted the third semester of the new ALL In (Act. Learn. Lead.) Program from February 24 to May 12. For 10 weeks, a total of 110 youth from across the Boys Hope Girls Hope network met virtually to develop projects that respond to the needs of their communities, with a lens of equity and social justice. In the process, scholars developed important skills such as critical thinking, collaborative work and leadership, and had the opportunity to learn from different experts.

Twenty-nine youth from Esperanza Juvenil’s High School represented the Guatemala team, and five university students served as mentors, guiding the scholars to complete their projects.

Leaders from various disciplines participated as speakers and presenters, including Guatemala’s very own Nobel Peace Prize winner Rigoberta Menchú.  Menchú.wshared her life story and motivated the youth to continue with their dreams and fight for their identity and ideals.

Click to catch a video on ALL In.

Esperanza Juvenil Hosts 10th Annual AICSA-CELASA Golf Tournament 

On April 30, we held the 10th edition of our Golf Tournament, with major support from AICSA Corporation and CELASA.

This event was held at the Guatemala Country Club and was attended by more than 88 players.

Thanks to all of our sponsors and participants we surpassed our fundraising goal!

Congratulations to the winners of our golf tournament and the winners of the fabulous raffle prizes.

If you want to relive the best moments of this event we invite you to visit our Facebook fan page. 

Walk to Hope

We thank everyone who joined our network-wide virtual Walk to Hope.

This event had a great impact on the entire network and allowed supporters from the United States, Mexico and Guatemala to join in generating Funds for Boys Hope Girls Hope’s mission.

The event raised over $130,000 for the entire international network.

Thank you so much!

Children’s visit to IRTRA

Thanks to the support of members of the Board of Directors, our boys and girls had the opportunity to visit the IRTRA Petapa facilities, a big leisure park close to Guatemala City, on May 20.

Our kids had an incredible day! They had a lot of fun on all of the rides and had a great opportunity to relax and unwind.

Visit of Erick Barrondo

On May 28, Esperanza Juvenil welcomed to its campus Erick Barrondo, Guatemalan Olympic medalist.

Erick shared with the youth of our residential program his very inspiring life story, encouraging all scholars to continue fighting to achieve their goals.